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HOA Holiday Decorating Etiquette 101

HOA Holiday Decorating Etiquette 101
  • November 17, 2020
  • Blog

A Guide on How to Properly Holiday Decorate in an HOA

The holiday season brings forth the desire for homeowners to decorate and get into the spirit of the season. From a single string of lights to winter wonderlands, every household and neighborhood is festively diverse in how it chooses to decorate its homes. While homeowners in an HOA should familiarize themselves with the rules of their community before decorating, here’s a generic guide on decorating tips that will benefit HOA residents and board members.

Approved Timeline

Most HOAs will have an approved timeline for when it is appropriate to put up and take down your holiday decorations. A common rule for lights and decorations is that they can go up for 30 days before Christmas and be taken down no later than two weeks afterward.


Rules around the time of day and night lights can be illuminated may be outlined. The last thing an HOA needs is phone calls from cranky neighbors about light pollution or disturbance. It is recommended that HOA communities have dark hours from midnight until 6am and require homeowners to utilize light timers.

Large Decorations

Less is more when it comes to holiday decorating. In order to maintain aesthetic integrity and keep homeowners happy, most HOAs have decorating rules. Larger decorations such as inflatable decorations are largely prohibited in the common area such as the lawn. Mounted items are also typically not allowed if they require being fastened into the structure.


Excessive noise can be a nuisance for neighbors at odd hours. Most HOAs restrict when loud noise or holiday music can take place. For instance, holiday music could be played from the hours of 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Homeowners should read the community guide thoroughly before purchasing any singing or noise-making decorations.

Common Areas

Homeowners should leave decorating common areas in the hands of the management company and/or HOA. Decorations must be put up safely and appropriately without getting out of hand. Common area decorations should be neutral and within reason.

If you’re an HOA board member seeking guidance in HOA community management, trust AR Management to help you through the holiday season and beyond. We can assist you in a range of invaluable management services, including collecting and processing the decor non-compliance fees that run rampant during Christmastime. For more information about what we do or to request a proposal for your HOA, reach out to us today!

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