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From Homeowner to HOA Board Member

From Homeowner to HOA Board Member
  • September 22, 2020
  • Blog

4 Reasons You Should Get Involved as an HOA Board Member

As a homeowner, it is a proud moment when one can move to a community association. Residents are able to benefit from shared amenities such as a swimming pool, playground or gym, and maintenance crews who mow the lawn, rake the autumn leaves, and plow away the snow.

Yet, how can you make sure the community will continue to be cared for and maintained? The best way to ensure your neighborhood’s safety and cleanliness is to become an HOA Board Member. While HOA Board positions are unpaid, the tangible and intangible benefits both personally and to the community outweigh any monetary compensation. Below are our top four reasons why you should get involved today.

  1. Meet New People – Serving on an HOA Board offers the opportunity to meet new people, including your neighbors that you may not have interacted with previously.
  2. Volunteer Your Expertise – Volunteering for the HOA board provides additional opportunities to use one’s current education and skills while honing new skills. If you have skills or experience that could be beneficial to the community, it is always welcome. Additionally, any new skillsets learned through the experience may assist in attaining new duties and responsibilities with one’s employer.
  3. Help Fellow Community Members – Being an HOA Board Member offers the opportunity to help fellow community members. Whether you help solve a dispute or bring a neighbor’s issue to light, you can be a positive influence on the community you live in.
  4. Protect Your Property – Being involved as an HOA Board Member puts you in a position to influence the rules in your community and make decisions about maintenance and improvements. This could directly affect the property value of homes in the community – including yours.

Active HOA board members are vital to the success of community associations. Contact AR Management if you are a current board member seeking new management or a prospective board member looking to get involved in one of the communities we manage.

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