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Connecting Your Community: 4 Tips For Owner Participation

Connecting Your Community: 4 Tips For Owner Participation
  • November 13, 2018
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Owner Participation Is Key As You Manage Your Property

Serving as a board member on a condominium’s HOA is a rewarding yet challenging position. One of the biggest struggles that Boards face is a lack of interest from surrounding community members. Active homeowner participation is the key to a thriving community, but as simple as it sounds, it can be difficult to find willing and capable individuals. In today’s society, many homeowners have busy schedules that keep them tied up in a long list of activities outside of work hours.

Here are four tips to increase community participation amongst association homeowners.

Audit the existing communication strategy.

Homeowners should want to step up and become more involved in their community. But it is unlikely a goal that will be attained if the association and property managers don’t actively communicate with homeowners. If there is no current strategy in place to communicate with property owners, consider creating a monthly e-newsletter, website, or social media presence where valuable information can be shared. This allows owners to catch up on what is happening along with what action is needed on their part to improve the community.

Don’t skimp on explaining the benefits.

Sometimes homeowners don’t understand or appreciate all the benefits that come with living in a community. For homeowners to fully appreciate the benefits, it should be well-known that their actions are important. A great way to communicate this is via social events and new owner welcome meetings.

Don’t wait for owners to volunteer.

Too often, associations think that advertising a need for owner participation is all that is necessary to make it happen. When volunteers are needed, it is best to personally reach out to owners and ask for their help. This gives them an opportunity to ask specific questions and learn more about the expectations.

Publicly recognize active owners.

In any organization, it is difficult to retain volunteers or keep individuals engaged if they don’t feel appreciated. One way to do that is by publicly thanking homeowners that give their time, opinion, and expertise to make community changes possible.

If owner participation is lacking in your community, don’t give up. Use these strategies to improve owner participation and improve the overall culture of the community you manage. If you need guidance or are seeking a property management company to help with community tasks, contact AR Management today for additional information.

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