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Homeowners Love HOA Living

Homeowners Love HOA Living
  • October 6, 2020
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3 Reasons Why Homeowners Love HOA Living

Being part of an HOA community is great for many reasons. One of the purposes of a community association is to preserve, enhance, and create harmony among membership. Homeowners living in an association have shared responsibility to bring a more enjoyable life to their community. Living in an HOA presents a unique opportunity for residents to meet and connect with neighbors and become involved in community events. Here are our top 3 reasons why we think homeowners love HOA living.

Established Standards

Planned communities provide homeowners the security of objectively reasonable community bylaws, rules, and regulations, written explicitly in a document known as the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs). CCRs let all homeowners know the expectations of life in the HOA. All individuals seeking to reside in a planned community must agree to uphold the HOA covenants, conditions, and restrictions established. This mutual agreement to objective values provides common unity of the community.

Shared Property Maintenance Costs

HOA living is about sharing. As a community, members share the cost of upkeep and maintenance of all homeowners’ personal property in mowing, raking, snow removal, and the community grounds itself.

Additionally, there is the sharing of the cost of community amenities. Depending on the type of community you live in, you can be sure to find amenities that suit your lifestyle. A swimming pool, gym, or recreational areas are amenities found in many communities. Great for families, seniors, and young adults, there is typically something for everyone to love in a HOA community.

Stable Property Values

The most significant reason homeowners’ love HOA living is a fair and reasonable return on the home investment. Well-maintained homes, safe neighborhoods, and responsible neighbors reap a community desired by others and thus stable property values.

AR Management can help boards with property, fiduciary, and decision management. If your HOA is looking for assistance, contact us today.

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