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Board Member Resignation

Board Member Resignation
  • April 3, 2019
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5 Ways to Reduce Board Member Resignations

Individuals who seek out or accept roles on a homeowner’s association (HOA) board usually want to make a difference in the community. In most cases, board members serve their terms in their entirety. However, board member resignations do occur sometimes. A board member resignation can have a detrimental impact on the association board and the community as a whole. How it affects either depends on how the resignation is managed. Having a plan in place to retain active board members can help avoid the impact felt due to resignations.

Five ways to avoid board member resignation

While it is impossible to control board members, there are steps an association can implement to prevent board member resignations.

  1. Attract the right people.
    A community’s board of directors are responsible for making the unbiased decisions which improve the overall community culture. When looking for volunteers to serve on the HOA board, it is critical that the right types of individuals are being targeted. Great board members have several essential traits, including positivity, composure, time management capabilities, and high ethical standards.
  2. Host an annual orientation.
    Board members are often placed in their positions without any formal training or clear expectations on how to complete their duties. An annual orientation is beneficial for new and existing board members. Orientations should focus on providing an overview of the board’s responsibilities, as well as the correct training procedures to help them improve the overall quality of the community.
  3. Set expectations.
    When a business owner hires a new employee, they often set expectations for what the individual is responsible for on a daily, monthly, and even annual basis. Similar practices should be in place when a new volunteer takes their role as a board member. Outlining expectations, in the beginning, makes board member aware of their duties right away.
  4. Acknowledge their efforts.
    As human beings, we respond well to feeling accomplished and appreciated. Too often, volunteers, including board members, work diligently every day to carry out the mission of the HOA but never receive feedback about their efforts. Show board members the appreciation they deserve and provide continued feedback, so they are equipped to make improvements in their role.
  5. Establish committees.
    One way to improve the relationship between board members and homeowners is through encouraging communication and interaction. Committees are a great way to invite community members to actively work with the board on certain projects and increase trust during the process. Committees are also helpful to identify active community members that may be good future board members.

If your HOA board is experiencing high turnover, working with an outside management company may help. Contact AR Management today for more information on how we help create stronger associations!

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