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HOA Snow Plowing Contracts

HOA Snow Plowing Contracts
  • January 24, 2022
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As a board member, preparing your community for winter weather is crucial. One easy way to do so is to have a snow plowing contract with a vendor. By contracting with a vendor to remove ice and snow from the shared roadways, parking lots, and walkways in your community, you’ll be able to ensure homeowners are safe and hazardous conditions are reduced.

There are three different types of HOA snow plowing contracts HOAs can choose for their community. These include:

  • Per Push: This is when the HOA pays the vendor to come and remove the snow. The vendor will typically remove snow that’s two or more inches on the ground. This is an excellent option for small HOAs.
  • Seasonal Contract: This snow plowing contract typically lasts two to three years. An HOA will pay the same rate during the winter season each year, regardless of whether the vendor’s services are required. Seasonal contracts work best for larger community associations.
  • Full-Service Seasonal Contract: This is a great snow plowing contract for HOAs seeking vendors to provide pre-treatment services and cover all snow events for one price. Often, they’ll remove snow and ice from various areas, including parking lots and walkways.

4 Benefits of an HOA Snow Plowing Contract

Now that you know the different types of snow plowing contracts available for HOAs, let’s look at the benefits of contracting with a snow removal vendor.

Increased Safety

Hiring a snow removal vendor during the winter season ensures your community is safe. They’ll remove ice and snow from roadways, walkways, and pathways so that homeowners can move safely about. This also ensures emergency vehicles can easily drive through the community and reach their destination on time.

High-Quality Work

Snow removal vendors provide expert plowing services to ensure every trace of snow and ice is properly removed. This results in vital pathways remaining clear and reduces the number of slip and fall accidents from occurring.

Clean Appearance

As a community association, maintaining a clean aesthetic is essential. A snow removal vendor will ensure your HOA always looks put together and remains attractive for homeowners.

Saves Time

Rushing to find a snow removal vendor during the height of the winter season can cause your board to feel stressed. To save time, it’s important to solidify an HOA snow plowing contract in September and October. That way, you’ll feel at ease knowing a vendor will arrive on schedule to remove the snow properly.

Ensure Your HOA Community is Safe this Winter

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