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Best HOA Accounting Platform for Boards

Best HOA Accounting Platform for Boards
  • November 9, 2021
  • Blog

3 Benefits of AR Management’s HOA Accounting Platform

As a board member, managing your HOA’s finances can be a challenge, especially if it’s all done through multiple programs. To ensure your HOA accounting tasks are accessible and transparent, employing an HOA accounting platform is key to your success. This will enable fast and simple data entry, a reduction in manual errors, and secure storage of financial documents—all in one place.

AR Management’s HOA accounting platform—Neighborhood Connections—lets boards integrate their financials and accounting into an encrypted environment. Boards can access, review, and track all HOA accounting documents and vendor payments from their office or home.

If your HOA board seeks an HOA accounting platform, here are three ways Neighborhood Connections will benefit your financial documents.

Automates Financial Documents

Neighborhood Connections lets boards automate financial documents online into a secure and encrypted environment. Types of HOA accounting documents boards can automate include:

  • Cash Disbursement Ledgers
  • Income Statements
  • Budgets
  • Balance Sheets
  • Accounts Payable Reports
  • Purchase Orders


When a board uses Neighborhood Connections, their HOA accounting documents are securely stored in a centralized place. This allows members to easily access and track payments, invoices, budgets, and more. They can also grant homeowners special permissions to see specific documentation related to their home, thus creating a transparent environment for all.

Ensures Organization

Since documents are stored in a centralized location, boards will feel at peace knowing their HOA accounting documents are organized and well-kept. This ensures members will save time looking up financial information and easily store documentation under specific category names.

Manage Your HOA Accounting Requirements with Ease

Simplify your HOA accounting and financial documents with AR Management’s leading management platform, Neighborhood Connections. Contact us today to request a free proposal.

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