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Lessening Your Carbon Footprint In Your Community

Lessening Your Carbon Footprint In Your Community
  • April 17, 2019
  • Blog

6 Ways You Can Improve Your Carbon Footprint

When homeowners choose to live in an HOA community, it shows they are dedicated to being a part of a larger community and culture. Being a member of a homeowner’s association (HOA) carries a multitude of benefits and practices, yet when it comes to the environment and implementing safer practices – there is always room for improvement. The term carbon footprint is a phrase we hear often and refers to the amount of carbon dioxide and emissions released into the environment based on an individual or groups everyday decisions.

Six Ways to Lessen a Carbon Footprint

  1. Make it easy to recycle.
    A community recycling center makes it easy for members to recycle. Set up areas designated for aluminum cans, paper, and plastic. This is especially beneficial if curbside recycling isn’t available in the neighborhood. HOAs may also want to consider accepting electronics and batteries, disposing of them through an approved recycling center.
  2. Create a 3 R’s marketing campaign.
    Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. These are easy enough practices, yet more times than not they are forgotten. Create a campaign for the community that gives homeowners easy-to-implement ideas. By educating a community, the board can create an environmentally-friendly or go-green culture.
  3. Encourage alternative transportation methods.
    Encourage members to use bikes, small compact vehicles, motorcycles, or electric vehicles to commute to work and school every day. Encouragement can occur by installing community charging stations and creating better parking spaces for smaller vehicles.
  4. Use solar-friendly lighting.
    Lighting is essential to community safety, but it doesn’t have to run 24/7. Utilize solar-friendly lighting that only comes on once the sun begins to set. This will cut down on the overall energy consumption of the community.
  5. Create a community garden.
    Gardening and composting are great ways to improve your carbon footprint, yet many homeowners don’t have the appropriate space to grow a garden. Creating a community garden makes it easier for homeowners to garden, while also encouraging conversation among neighbors.
  6. Prohibit excessive lawn watering.
    Over-watering is something many homeowners are guilty of because they want to maintain their exceptional landscape. Water is a limited resource that we need to cherish, especially during dry spells. Prohibit lawn watering beyond regularly scheduled irrigation to cut down on using too much water.

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