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Difficult Board Members

Difficult Board Members

3 Difficult Board Member Management Tactics

Board members are an integral part of a well-functioning HOA. An uncooperative attitude in a board member has the potential of unraveling the board unity and can cause problems for the community. Fortunately, there are three management tactics that may provide some relief and control over the situation and these particular behaviors.

Staying On Topic With A Written Agenda. A written agenda ensures that all relevant topics are discussed in an organized fashion at a board meeting. A well-designed agenda also specifies which persons should speak to a particular topic. Of course, there are times with group discussion, however a structured agenda can mitigate board members who wish to skip around or get off topic. Leaving time at the end for new topics allows a specified time that can be utilized to defer possible non-agenda items from being discussed earlier in the meeting. Without an agenda, the meeting could ramble on with opinions that leave members discouraged towards the organization they are there to serve.

Set Protocols and Policies For Meetings. Do not react — ACT! Let every meeting begin with reminding the board of the reason for the current session, that each member’s input is valued, and of the proper protocol for speaking at the meeting. Some boards may choose to provide a handbook of the board protocol and standards. Let the consequences for deviation from the rules that disrupt the objective of the meeting be known upfront.

Listen To The ‘Difficult’ Person. While some board members may try to push a personal agenda, this is not always the case when someone dissents from the majority opinion. It is important to practice active listening and ask questions of the dissenter, allowing them to elaborate on their opinions or feelings. When the disgruntled member feels the respect for what he or she has to say, the person may be equally receptive to listening to what the majority has to say. Reciprocally, the majority may re-think the initial decision.

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