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What You’re Really Paying For In Your Condominium Fees

What You’re Really Paying For In Your Condominium Fees
  • December 4, 2018
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Where Are Those Condominium Fees Going

Condominium associations continue to rise in popularity across the United States and many New Jersey residents are starting to add them as a potential candidate for their next home. There are plenty of reasons why buying in a condominium community is a great idea. As potential homeowners research options, they are likely to encounter the term “condominium fees” or “maintenance fees.” Before purchasing a condo, it is important that prospective buyers understand what condominium fees are and how they impact their living situation.

What are Condominium Fees?

A condominium fee or maintenance fee is a fee that the residents in condominium community pay in addition to their monthly mortgage and taxes. All condo owners are required to pay this fee, and cost can vary depending on the location and size of the property.

Where do Condominium Fees Go?

  1. Amenities
    Many condo complexes include access to shared amenities. Owners no longer have to pay expensive memberships to belong to the local pool or fitness center, and they have access to additional benefits like community picnic areas and playgrounds.
  2. Maintenance of Common Areas
    Condominium owners are responsible for the ongoing upkeep and maintenance of general areas including the amenities listed above. Other areas that require maintenance include hallways, lobbies, and the shared heating and cooling systems.
  3. Exterior Maintenance and Upkeep
    Parking lots, covered garages, and sidewalks also require continued maintenance throughout the year that is funded by these fees. In addition to upkeep, fees also include snow removal and lawn care costs.
  4. Security
    Some associations offer security systems or guards to assure the property is safe 24/7. Fees pay the cost to employ individuals, purchase equipment, and update equipment when necessary.
  5. Employee Salaries or Management Fee
    Some condo associations have full and part-time employees and others outsource daily responsibilities to a property management company. These expenses are paid for with condominium fees.
  6. Utility Bills
    Another potential benefit of owning a condo is reduced internet expenses or no monthly utility bills for water or sewer usage. While not all associations have utilities included in their fee, some condo owners enjoy the benefits of communal utilities.
  7. Reserve Fund
    Any additional fees that are not utilized for monthly expenses are deposited into a reserve fund for future expenses. Sidewalk repairs, parking lot repairs, and roof replacements are just a few expenses that associations may need to prepare for long-term, so owners don’t receive an unexpected bill when repairs like these are necessary.

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