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Why is HOA Curb Appeal Important?

Why is HOA Curb Appeal Important?

4 HOA Curb Appeal Tips to Increase Your Community Value

Everyone can recognize when their HOA community is well-landscaped and closely maintained. It shows that the association adequately manages fees to ensure the community always looks nice and problems are fixed.

If you’re a board member looking to refresh your landscape, common areas, and more, here are four HOA curb appeal tips to increase your community value.

Schedule Regular Landscaping

Well-landscaped communities provide many HOA curb appeal benefits. Landscaping increases your community’s value with quality lawn care, flower beds, trimmed shrubbery and trees, and irrigation systems.

One of the most important parts of scheduling regular landscaping in your community is to prevent damage from storms. Having vendors clear brush or snow away from drainage areas will prevent flooding in your neighborhood. Trimming trees is also vital to ensure no branches fall on houses, cars, or residents during storms.

Spruce Up Common Areas

As a board member, you want your common areas to set a positive tone for residents to enjoy. Here are easy steps you can take to spruce up these common areas:

  • Add a fresh coat of paint to walls, trims, and gazebos
  • Replace flooring, carpeting, or tiling with new styles and colors
  • Complement walls with artwork and photos of the community
  • Install lighting fixtures in all common areas
  • Improve the design layout of common areas

Power Wash Outdoor Structures

Have you ever noticed that the outdoor floors, sidewalks, and structures in your HOA are dirty? It’s essential that you schedule a vendor to regularly power wash dirt and grime away. This will help make structures look as good as new and will certainly enhance your HOA’s curb appeal.

Set Garbage Collection Points

An improper garbage disposal area can lead to the community experiencing cans, plastic bags, and unnecessary food products scattered around. That’s why it’s vital to set garbage collection points for trash and recycling. In common areas, set up garbage cans that residents can dispose of their waste into so nothing ends up on the ground. Also, designate garbage collection areas for residents to easily access if they’re living in a condo or town-home complex. Doing so will ensure your community remains clean.

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