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What are HOA Restrictions on Pets?

What are HOA Restrictions on Pets?
  • February 15, 2022
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4 Common HOA Restrictions on Pets to Know

One of the greatest joys of life is owning a pet and having them become a part of your community. Many HOAs welcome pets with open arms, including fish, cats, and dogs. However, it’s important to remember that there is typically an HOA pet policy in place that you must abide by. 

Since HOAs are private entities, they are legally allowed to set a pet policy restricting homeowners on the types of pets and number of pets they can own. However, it’s vital to note that under the Fair Housing Act, service animals or emotional support animals are allowed to live with people who have disabilities, regardless of breed, weight, and size. The HOA cannot restrict these individuals from owning their service animal.  

If you’re wondering what HOA restrictions on pets could look like, here are four common guidelines a community association may follow.  

1. Pet Limitations

HOAs typically set pet limitations on the type, size, and weight of a pet. They’ll also set a number limitation on how many pets you can own. Typically, it’s common to find an HOA only allowing 1 to 2 pets per homeowner. The Board of Directors will establish these policies based on what works best for the community.

2. Registration

Pet registration is common practice in most HOAs. This is because it allows the Board of Directors to keep track of how many pets are in their community and how many pets a homeowner owns. It also helps ensure pets are fully vaccinated and well looked after. 

 3. Waste Disposal

Many community associations require pet owners to pick up and properly dispose of their pet’s waste in the garbage. Enforcing this policy ensures common areas are kept clean and contaminated waste is not consumed by another pet.

4. Leash Requirements

A smart restriction for HOAs to establish is requiring pets such as dogs to be walked on a leash. This prevents dogs from wandering up to homeowners and other pets which can cause unwanted behaviors to occur. It also protects the homeowner’s pet from being harmed by another animal. 

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