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Valuable Traits In A Good Property Manager

Valuable Traits In A Good Property Manager
  • February 19, 2019
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A Good Property Manager Will Follow These Values

Communities governed by Homeowners Associations (HOA) offer many perks for residents that make living there more appealing. One of the most significant benefits for homeowners is having somebody else manage the property upkeep and day-to-day needs of the community. While some associations are self-managed, most are managed by a professional property management company and have an assigned property manager.

There are many traits every good property manager should have. Here is a list of some of most valuable qualities to look for in a property manager.

  1. Experience
    While property management involves a certain level of training and certification, there is no substitute for experience. An experienced property manager gives piece of mind to board members that the association’s business is being handled correctly.
  2. Communication Skills
    In addition to communicating with the board, a good property manager can also communicate well with homeowners in the community. The better a property manager is at communicating, the fewer complaints homeowners will have about how things are being managed.
  3. Attention to Detail
    Managing a property is similar to running a business and should be treated similarly. There are a lot of details that go into the daily operations of managing community property. A good property manager will be able to pinpoint discrepancies before they escalate into larger problems.
  4. Problem-Solver
    Even the most experienced property managers could face scenarios they have never seen before. A property manager that has excellent problem-solving skills is better than one that relies on the board members for direction.
  5. Organized
    Organized and thorough records, meeting minutes, communications history and project tracking are essential to the success of an HOA. A manager that is organized is important because if they ever choose to leave, it will be less stressful for a new manager to fill the position because all of the paperwork is easy to understand and manage.
  6. Positive Personality
    Homeowners are not always happy with how property maintenance is handled and what is considered a priority by the board. Property managers often hear these frustrations first-hand, so it is vital that they have a positive mentality. Being positive even when dealing with disgruntled individuals will prevent the frustrations from getting worse during their conversations.
  7. Flexibility
    Being a property manager is not a 9-5 job. Things can go wrong at any time of the day, and a good property manager should be accepting of this reality, as well as having a flexible schedule.

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