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Popular Extras in an HOA Neighborhood

Popular Extras in an HOA Neighborhood
  • June 12, 2020
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6 Appealing HOA Neighborhood Bonuses to Look Out For

We all know there are added perks of homeowner’s association (HOA) living. If fortunate enough to be part of an HOA neighborhood, there may be the exclusive shared community amenities of an in-ground pool, hot tub, gym with exercise equipment, tennis court, or 9-hole golf course to enjoy after work or on the weekend.

What more can be asked for with regards to a home? If dabbling in joining an HOA, there are several factors that can make it appealing, beyond a tennis court. The surrounding neighborhood will also do much to add value to your home purchase.

Six Appealing Neighborhood Amenities to Look Out For

Access to Major Highways

In a mobile society, it is always an appealing neighborhood amenity to have easy access to major highways. Highways that can transport one to a job, theaters, museums, and family and friends located in other parts of the state.


A good Walk Score®, or a quick drive, to the local butcher, baker, or a neighborhood of small or mid-size offices, drug stores, convenience stores, post office, local restaurants, and more does add a practical spin to HOA pleasure-filled perfection!

Recreational Activities

Little League baseball, youth centers offering a range of sports activities, senior centers offering opportunity to socialize, bowling alleys, fitness centers, public and private golf courses, playgrounds for younger children and proximity to ‘open space’ for family picnics and hiking trails — are fundamental neighborhood amenities for a family-friendly neighborhood.

Quality Schools

Ask any realtor what the most significant influence is of home value and stable neighborhoods, and the answer will not be the size of the lot or size of the home, but the rating of the neighborhood school as per its standardized test scores. All statistics, surveys, and professional analysis aside, homebuyers intuitively understand that the source of student success is a strong family influence, and such fervent families make good neighbors, respectful of their homes and property, and the property of others.

Quality Hospitals

Community hospitals are a ‘vital sign’ to a healthy neighborhood. Community hospitals are a direct source of quick medical care and treatment and provide an area with a large selection of doctors and medical offices. It is the indirect source for good health through abundant work opportunities in the health field. Such work opportunity translates to neighbors with a happy and positive outlook on life.

Public Transportation

The availability of public transportation is a big plus for neighborhood growth. Such transportation allows for the saving of both car expense and time of ‘fighting’ the long road of commuter traffic. Community members can attain the benefit of working in larger corporate firms located in more densely populated cities with more expensive housing.

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