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Is Your Home Ready for Winter?

Is Your Home Ready for Winter?
  • December 13, 2019
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9 Great Ways To Get Your Home Ready For Winter

Throughout the year, a house undergoes stress from the weather, occupancy, and normal wear and tear. One of the tasks that come with owning a home is making sure it is ready for winter. Now that the summer and fall are just a memory, homeowners should consider what steps they take to keep their property safe and secure this winter.

Nine Steps to Get Your Home Ready for Winter

While homeowner associations take care of a lot of the ongoing maintenance in a community, here are some steps residents can take on their own to get a home ready for winter.

Turn off outdoor spigots.

Remove garden hoses from outdoor spigots to prevent water from freezing inside, expanding, and tearing. Outdoor faucets should be turned off to avoid frost build-up, frozen pipes, and burst pipes.

Keep the thermostat at 60 degrees.

Prevent frozen pipes this winter by keeping the heat at a minimum of 60 degrees, even when you aren’t home.

Know where the water shut off valve is located.

Familiarize yourself with where the water shutoff valve is located. If pipes freeze, the water should be turned off immediately to prevent bursting.

Notify management of vacations.

It is recommended that HOA residents let management know when they plan to go on vacation for an extended period.

Have emergency supplies on hand.

Even though it is easier to know how severe a storm will be today than 20 years ago, emergency supplies in the winter are necessary. Blizzards, sleet, and ice storms can knock down power lines, causing outages. When the power goes out, stores can’t open, and many families could struggle. Stock up on bottled water, batteries, flashlights, and blankets.

Schedule an HVAC inspection.

It is usually best to schedule an inspection before the cold arrives, but if you haven’t yet, now is a good time. A professional can inspect the system, clean it, and make recommendations if additional maintenance is necessary. This one call can be the difference between having the heat go out in the middle of the season or having a warm home all winter long.

Fill in cracks and holes around the home.

Before temperatures drop to freezing, walk around the house to look for cracks and holes around windows and door frames. In some places, weatherstripping may need to be replaced, or frames caulked to keep the warm air inside this winter.

Turn fans clockwise.

Many fans have a switch that lets you turn fans clockwise. This simple trick helps push warm air down during the winter and keeps energy bills down as a result.

Replace batteries.

Homeowners who didn’t replace the batteries in the smoke or carbon monoxide detectors during daylight savings should do so now. Replacing batteries ensures that these safety features work through the winter, keeping your family safe.

If your HOA could use assistance with property management this winter, reach out to the AR Management Company team today!

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