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How to Get the Most Out of HOA Board Members at Meetings

How to Get the Most Out of HOA Board Members at Meetings
  • April 15, 2020
  • Blog

4 Actions to Keep HOA Board Members Engaged

Board meetings are a key function of a successfully run association, however it may be challenging at times to keep all HOA board members engaged during meetings. The meetings may be monotonous, there may be distractions with smartphones, and some board members may just want to get back to their other responsibilities. Here are four great ways to keep your HOA board members engaged.

  1. Open Forum. You may choose to run your board meeting, or at least a portion of the meeting, as an open forum where everyone has input so that they can discuss the matters at hand. One way to lose the attention of those attending any meeting is to not allow others to provide feedback. Allowing everyone to participate will help to keep them fully engaged.
  2. Key Issues. Have your agenda focus on real issues that have to be decided by the board and leave non-agenda items to the end of the meeting. While some board meetings focus significant time on the financial aspect of the HOA, you may choose to share this information by email or a handout. More time on decision making and strategic planning will help members stay focused.
  3. In-Person vs. Virtual Meetings. Find what meeting method is most effective for your board’s workshop or executive meetings. For some, this may be the old fashioned in-person meeting to cut out digital and human distractions at home or the workplace. For others, a virtual video or phone conference may be just as effective and may actually allow the board to meet more frequently or with all members in attendance.
  4. Anti-Devices. Try to implement a ‘no device’ rule at your in-person meetings if you can. Not being distracted by the ping of notifications will help keep board members more engaged.

If you’re interested in learning more about keeping your HOA board members engaged during a meeting – contact AR Management today!

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