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How Can I Help?: Community Assistance Tips To Help HOA Board

How Can I Help?: Community Assistance Tips To Help HOA Board
  • August 27, 2018
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Community Assistance Is Key In Keeping a Well-Functioning Board

For a homeowner’s association board of directors to be successful, they need the backing and support of community members. Unfortunately, many HOAs struggle to get homeowners actively involved in the community. If an HOA is struggling to gain community assistance, there are some strategies to engage homeowners and increase involvement.

Tips to Get More Community Assistance

  1. Advertise that Help Is Needed
    Homeowners often refrain from being involved because they don’t realize their help is welcomed. Make it known that volunteers are needed by personally inviting community members to join a volunteer information session. Board members can also advertise on the community’s website or social media pages that help is needed with upcoming events or decisions. Make sure to include points on how the homeowners can get additional information.
  2. Start with the Onboarding Process
    Gaining community assistance first starts with setting expectations when new homeowners move into the area. Create an information packet about the community that includes important regulations and requirements, but also include information about how they can volunteer and why their support is essential. Instead of mailing a packet, schedule an in-person welcome meeting to review all of the information.
  3. Hold Open Meetings
    Open meetings are a great way to show community members that their input is welcome. If the same members show up at every meeting, personally invite them to join a committee or lead an event or drive within the community.
  4. Establish Committees
    Let’s face it, oftentimes HOA board members find themselves drowning in meetings, making it hard to accomplish anything. Establishing committees to oversee special and ongoing projects creates a system for delegating some of the discussions to others, so there is more time to take care of ongoing urgent matters.
  5. Recognize Participation
    The best way to retain volunteers is by thanking and recognizing them for their participation. Giving public recognition at meetings, in newsletters, or on the website shows volunteers that their help and involvement is appreciated. It also encourages other homeowners to get involved so they can make a difference too.
  6. Ask for Feedback
    Just as it is important to let homeowners know there is an opportunity for involvement, asking for feedback is just as crucial. Discovering what matters most to homeowners creates a stepping stone to inviting them to do more with the HOA.
    Gaining community assistance isn’t always easy. If an HOA is struggling to get volunteers, it may be time to contact a property management company to assist with the ongoing tasks. Contact AR Management today to see how we can help.
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