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Quality Board Members

Quality Board Members

8 Traits To Look For When Selecting Board Members

Quality board members are one of the most significant assets of a homeowner’s association (HOA). However, finding willing and able board members isn’t always an easy task. The board of directors is responsible for managing the community, making crucial decisions, and resolving issues quickly as they arise. For the board of directors to be successful, each member must execute their responsibilities, while holding other members accountable.

The key to creating a strong, efficient, and reliable board, is by recruiting members with the following traits:


Board members cover a variety of topics during monthly meetings. Some are easy to discuss and review, but others can create lively discussions where not every member is on the same page. Members should expect to be a part of uncomfortable conversations while remaining respectful to their colleagues, no matter how tough the discussion becomes.

Active participation.

Board members that are not willing to speak up and add to the conversation are dispensable. Members should be confident in their views and willing to voice their opinions even when others may not agree. Looking at multiple perspectives on an issue is the best way to make an unbiased decision.

Follow meeting guidelines.

Successful meetings follow a designated structure. Meetings should begin and end on time to show respect for board members’ time. Developing a meeting agenda and appointing one board member to keep track of time is the best way to stay on track.


Plenty of board members take on their new responsibilities with great intentions. On occasion, things come up, and it is easy to get off track. When board members hold each other accountable for their performance, there is less of a chance that obligations get overlooked.

Respectful of professionals.

A lot goes into successfully managing an association. While some board members are likely to have knowledgeable backgrounds in certain areas within the community, they are not professionals in the association industry. Sometimes, board members need to look outside of the board for advice on critical issues, like financial or property management. The best board members respect that they are not experts in every domain.

Willing to ask hard questions.

Great board members can ask hard questions, even if it means they won’t like the answer. Hard questions force others to look at the situation from a different perspective and get to the bottom of issues.

Passion for the community.

It is important to find members that want to see the community grow and prosper. If board members don’t have a passion for the community, they won’t be as committed as those that do.

Balanced time-management

When it comes to volunteering as a board member, the additional time required to take on this duty can be substantial. Members are required to attend meetings and make room for their respective tasks. Being able to balance these tasks along with all their additional daily responsibilities is crucial.

AR Management helps HOAs with both active Boards and those communities that struggle to garner Board participation. Contact us today for additional information on how we can help your Board and your community flourish!

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