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Community Benefits of Online Centralized Communication

Community Benefits of Online Centralized Communication
  • August 17, 2021
  • Blog

3 Ways Online Centralized Communication Connects an HOA Community

In any HOA community, communication is key to its success. But when communication becomes decentralized between boards and homeowners, the community has the potential to suffer.

One of the most important aspects of being a board member is bringing your HOA community together. To achieve this, boards can use a centralized HOA communication platform. AR Management created Neighborhood Connections, an online management platform where all communications take place. Let’s look at the benefits of the platform for your community.

Harmonious Communication

With Neighborhood Connections, HOA communication is centralized, allowing boards and homeowners to be on the same page. Boards can provide timely updates to homeowners on the latest news and events and send email or text communications when needed. They can also share documents with other members and homeowners. This increases the effectiveness of communication and creates transparency.

Better Organization

Boards can efficiently organize their HOA documents all in one place, from budgets and approved projects to financial statements. This allows members to access and keep track of documents with ease. They can also share relevant and specific documents and financial statements with homeowners.

Increased Productivity

Board members can easily focus on their tasks by accessing documents and messages directed at them. This allows them to focus and prioritize their time on time-sensitive requests. As a result, productivity and efficiency are increased.

Manage Your Community with Ease

Is your HOA communication centralized between boards and homeowners? Create transparent and harmonious communication in your community with AR Management. We help boards of all sizes bring their community together with Neighborhood Connections. Request a free proposal today.

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