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Best Online HOA Management Platform for Your Community

Best Online HOA Management Platform for Your Community
  • June 22, 2021
  • Blog

Improve Communication with an Online HOA Management Platform

Many HOA boards worry about whether their community is in sync and communicating effectively. Oftentimes, board members communicate to residents through mail, email, and bulletin boards. These types of contact can delay time-sensitive information from reaching homeowners since they may not be frequently checked.

An effective way for board members to increase and simplify communication is with an online HOA management platform. AR Management created Neighborhood Connections, a user-friendly management platform, to improve communication throughout community associations of all sizes.

Let’s examine how AR Management’s online HOA management platform benefits both HOA boards and residents.

Establishes a Community Calendar

One of the key benefits of Neighborhood Connections is the online “My Community” calendar and bulletin board. Board members can post day-to-day activities, important changes in the community, and events in one place for residents to access.

Creates Resident Portals

As a board member, keeping track of the numerous papers from residents, such as service requests, can be a challenge. Neighborhood Connections allows board members to publish confidential documentation for residents in one secure place. Residents pay their dues directly through the payment center. It also allows residents to request service tickets for maintenance and repairs that will be sent to board members to approve.

Provides Information on Preferred Vendors

Neighborhood Connections allows board members and residents to view preferred vendors for the community. They can access information for plumbing, electrical, painters, and handymen professionals.

Offers Mobile, Text, & Email Communication

Board members and residents when they’re filling out their “My Profile” account can opt into mobile, email, and mass texting group communications. This allows board members to quickly reach residents through their preferred contact method and inform them on community updates.

Establish Transparency & Effective Communication with AR Management

HOA boards that partner with AR Management Company will help establish transparency and effective communication throughout their HOA to bring their community closer together. Connect with AR Management to schedule a consultation and request a free demo of Neighborhood Connections today.

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