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How to Be a Good Neighbor

How to Be a Good Neighbor
  • December 29, 2020
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Simple Tips on How to Be a Good Neighbor in your Community

One of the easiest ways you can build a friendly community is by being a good neighbor. Everyone wants to live in a warm, safe, and clean community. A smile and a wave can go a long way in having the right attitude, but there are lots of little things that you can do to be a good neighbor. Here are just a few.

Welcome New Neighbors

Be welcoming to new neighbors coming into the community. Anything from a basic introduction to a welcome basket will do the trick. The main thing is to let them know you are glad to have them in your community.

Appearances Matter

It’s important to maintain the appearance of your home with tidy décor and tasteful accents. When you let your property look unkempt, it reflects poorly on the entire community.

Keep the Noise Down

The “Golden Rule” really applies here. You don’t want to hear loud music from across the street or a barking dog in the middle of the night upstairs; so, don’t be the noisy neighbor.

Have Good Party and Social Etiquette

If you’re super social and have lots of visitors or throw parties, make sure your guests are aware of any parking rules or other community rules that they might need to know. Make sure your gathering is at reasonable hours, and most importantly — invite your neighbors!

Show Common Courtesy and Be Polite

Basic manners like please, thank you, and you’re welcome still go a long way! Treat people with respect, and they will likely return the favor.

Be Responsible

If you borrow something from a neighbor, return it when you say you will and in the same condition it was in when you received it. Should you, a member of your household, your pets, or your guest break and ruin something of your neighbor’s, replace, or pay for it. Respect everyone’s privacy and don’t be a gossip.

Be Helpful

It’s effortless to receive a package for a neighbor. You can watch as the kids get off the bus to make sure everyone is safe. You can take care of pets or plants while your neighbor is on vacation. Helping others through small acts of kindness are a great way to build rapport and trust with neighbors.

Be Social

One of the best ways to make a community-friendly and welcoming is to be friends with your neighbors genuinely. Extend a hand of friendship, invite someone over for coffee or to watch the next big game. Invest a little bit of time in your neighbors. Doing so will increase neighborhood safety because neighbors who know each other are much more likely to notice if something seems awry.

Being a good neighbor is essential to achieve a friendly community. If everyone does their part, the community’s spirit can make any neighborhood a better place to live. Getting to know people and generally being a kind person is at the root of being a good neighbor.

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