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HOA Meeting Attendance

HOA Meeting Attendance
  • November 15, 2019
  • Blog

7 Great Ways To Increase HOA Meeting Attendance

Homeowner’s association (HOA) meetings are an important component of a well-run community association. These meetings are a place where community updates are given, decisions are made and homeowners are afforded the opportunity to share comments with the HOA board. Oftentimes however, many homeowners choose not to attend even though the items discussed at the meeting may directly impact their lifestyle and home.

Tips to Increase HOA Meeting Attendance

HOA board members put significant time and effort into planning and preparing for board meetings with the hopes that members will show up, listen, and be engaged. If your HOA board is struggling to get members at the annual meeting, consider trying these new strategies to increase attendance!

Give members plenty of notice.

Sometimes, it is as simple as letting members know when the meeting is planned. HOA members typically need more than a week’s notice to make it work for their schedule. Be sure to check with your association’s governing documents as they may outline specific timing regarding meeting notice. One idea to get the meeting on people’s calendars is to send save the dates via email at least one month in advance. The HOA board could also post the information on social media pages or groups, include the date in newsletters, and post flyers in common areas.

Make it a neighborhood social.

An HOA meeting is usually all business, reviewing, discussing, and planning for the community’s benefit. The board can choose to add an element of socializing or bring in food to make the meeting more appealing for members to attend.

Invite guest speakers.

If board members are typically the only people talking at HOA meetings, consider inviting a guest speaker to add additional value or enjoyment to the meeting. Look for speakers that attendees can benefit from including insurance agents, local government officials, or maybe even a CPR instructor.

Offer childcare during the meeting.

One thing that limits many HOA families from attending is not having anybody to watch their children. By hiring willing and reliable help from the community, parents may now be able to attend.

Offer an incentive to attend.

Depending on the community’s governing documents, the board may be able to offer some incentives that attendees could win. Some ideas include small door prizes, a gift card, or a free month of HOA dues. Include any incentives in your promotion of the meeting, so members know what’s in it for them if they choose to attend.

Be respectful of time.

If the meeting is supposed to last a specific amount of time, stick to it. The last thing homeowners want is the promise of being home by 8 p.m., and then the meeting runs until 9:30 p.m.

For additional HOA meeting tips, contact AR Management Company. We assist HOAs with property, financial, and community management.

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