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Community Outdoor Living Space Features

Community Outdoor Living Space Features

We Highly Recommend These Outdoor Living Space Features

When potential homeowners visit HOA communities, they are looking for a neighborhood that offers more than just a place to live. Many members are looking for a safe, welcoming, and enjoyable environment where they can establish roots. By adding outdoor living space features, HOAs will be able to attract and entice residents from various backgrounds to join their community.

Here are seven outdoor living space features that will not only add value to the community, but also give members a living arrangement that they can really enjoy.

Make it greener.

Adding green grassy areas to an HOA community is an excellent way to bring residents together. Extend activity zones, such as a pool or picnic area with wide-open green space. This will provide a safe space for children to play with one another, while letting parents watch from nearby. It also offers a space where adults can get together and build a sense of community – instead of feeling cramped in their own backyard space.

Outdoor grilling and cooking equipment.

Food is known to bring people together. Even if an HOA has a shared picnic area, it may not be well used if residents have to lug their own grilling and cooking equipment to it. By offering grilling and cooking equipment as an outdoor living space feature, residents are more likely to use the area, making it easier for HOA members to come together.

Permanent seating options.

If you want to see families gathering in outdoor common areas, it makes sense to offer a place to do so. Permanent seating is a more significant investment up front, but it is one that pays off in the long run. In addition to picnic tables and lawn chairs, consider adding a retaining wall that can double as a sitting area for residents.

Community games.

Corn hole, washers, horseshoes, and lawn darts are just a few favorite outdoor activities that really bring people together. By offering these for public use, your HOA can encourage the growth of stronger relationships amongst neighbors.

Fire pit.

Fire pits are another great way to bring community members together for conversation. They are also a great space to host community events. To make it an attractive and user-friendly area, consider having firewood and tools readily available for use.

Special dog areas.

Don’t forget about those four-legged family members! Families with dogs will greatly appreciate having designated areas for their animals to play in, instead of having to find a dog park nearby. Areas that have sturdy turf and a decent drainage system will prevent it from getting muddy during those wetter months. Designated pet areas are also a great way to show potential residents that animals are also welcome in the community.

Colorful plants and flowers.

Adding colorful plants and flowers may not seem essential, but it’s a great addition to any community. These days, many families don’t have time to invest in their own flower beds and gardens. By adding plants and flowers across the community, the HOA is creating a welcoming space that residents can be proud of.

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